Frequently Asked Questions

DAPPER DAY outings to Disney parks are not private ticketed events, but simply days to visit the parks in style with other fashionable guests.

DAPPER DAY® Events are not part of the Walt Disney Company.

For questions about Disney Parks please visit For questions regarding our convention-rate DISNEYLAND Resort hotel rooms or park tickets please contact Disneyland Group Reservations at 714-520-5005 M-F 8-5.

For questions regarding our convention-rate rooms and park passes for WALT DISNEY WORLD FL please contact WDW Group Reservations 407-939-4686 (M-F 8:30a-6p and Sat-Sun 8:30a-5p EST)

Dapper Day contact: Justin @

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 11/22/2016

What is Dapper Day?

Started in February 2011, DAPPER DAY® Events organizes fashionable outings to Disney Parks twice a year (spring and fall) in LA, Orlando, and Paris. These events include a "Dapper Day Outings to the Parks," plus other happenings outside the parks such as our DAPPER DAY Expo (in the Disneyland Hotel® Exhibit Hall). We also organize events at non-Disney locations throughout the year such as our DAPPER DAY + Jazz at LACMA event at the Los Angeles County Museum od Art.

DAPPER DAY Events celebrates the tradition of "stepping out in style" and are meant to showcase you at your best. We do not aim to recreate a specific period. All sophisticated attire is encouraged from vintage-inspired classics to chic contemporary looks. Active and retired military are encouraged to wear your dress blues or service uniforms if you like. (Please note costumes or cosplay are better suited for other events.)

When is the next event?



Sat+Sun April 22+23, DAPPER DAY EXPO at The Disneyland Hotel
Sun April 23, DAPPER DAY Spring Outing to Disneyland CA
Sat April 29, DAPPER DAY Spring Outing Day 1 to The Magic Kingdom FL
Sun April 30, DAPPER DAY Spring Outing Day 2 to EPCOT FL
Sat May 6, DAPPER DAY Spring Outing to Disneyland Paris

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Are these period dress-up events?

No. Dapper Day Events celebrate sophisticated dressing and timeless style from yesterday and today. Everyone is encouraged to participate by dressing up a bit - or a lot! Due to the 1950's feel of Disneyland, many guests enjoy working mid-century-inspired ensembles for DAPPER DAY outings to that park, but this is optional. We are not trying to recreate a specific period. Just as people once dressed in their Sunday best in the 50's and 60's when visiting Disneyland, we're continuing that tradition of "stepping out in style" with a fun contemporary flair.

Are these costume events?

No. We want to see your personal style at our events. There’s many other opportunities to wear a costume or cosplay. DAPPER DAY events are meant to feature you being you!

Will Disney's updated rules about "no costumes" impact DAPPER DAY outings to Disney parks?

No. Our events celebrate great style from yesterday and today and are not costume or cosplay gatherings. If a guest is dressed in a way that might be confused for a Disney park employee or entertainer, Disney may ask that person to change part of the outfit before being allowed in the park.  We work closely with Disney to ensure our events happen smoothly as we continue growing our events at the Disney Resorts. Link to Disneyland/Walt Disney World park rules.

Where should I shop for an outfit?

Here's a link to an email we sent which lists several shopping locations in LA, Orlando, and Paris.

Are people dressing up just the one day or the whole weekend?

Our DAPPER DAY Disney park outings are currently promoted as being a single day. Although many people will likely dress up for multiple days, and very stylish people dress up every day of the year no matter where they are or what they're doing. 

Do I need a ticket?

Our outings to the Disney Parks are not private events. Parks are open to the public as usual so you will need a park ticket or annual pass to enter as usual. Some events, like our FOLLY parties or other special happenings may require a door cover, additional ticket, or RSVP. We work with Disney to provide special convention-rate tickets for our park outings in California and Florida when possible. Links to those discounted tickets will be are only available via our emails to our followers. Sign up for our email newsletter HERE and look for the ticket links at the bottom of our next email. Please DO NOT email us asking for the link. Just subscibe to our email newsletter and watch your email.

Is there a big group photo or meet up at these events?

We do not organize any large group photo inside Disney's parks - you'd need a helicopter to take a picture of the whole park! Thousands of people attend our park gatherings so this makes the logistics of a group photo impossible without greatly disrupting other guests' park experience. Guests often organize their own group photos, but we do not. We also rarely organize in-park meet ups at a specific time due to crowding.

How can I exhibit or be a sponsor at the DAPPER DAY® EXPO?

Our two-day DAPPER DAY Expo in The Disneyland Hotel features everything for stylish, sophisticated living from vintage and contemporary clothing and accessories, to bath and beauty products, and beyond. Interested parties please email EXPO @ or APPLY ONLINE HERE.

Discounted Hotel Reservations and convention-rate Theme Park Tickets...

Links to our convention-rate Disney park passes are available for our FL and CA events only via our email list. Sign up for our emails HERE and look for the ticket links at the bottom of our next email.

To make a reservation or address any issue related to our convention-rate discounted rooms and/or park tickets at the DISNEYLAND Resort in Anaheim please contact Disneyland Group Reservations at 714-520-5005 (M-F 8a-5p) or email:  DLR.CONVENTION.GROUPS@DISNEY.COM Links to book rooms online will be posted on that specific Dapper Day event page if available.

For questions regarding our convention-rate rooms and park passes for WALT DISNEY WORLD FL please contact WDW Group Reservations 407-939-4686 (M-F 8:30a-6p and Sat-Sun 8:30a-5p EST)

(The Disney sales site may mention requiring "convention registration," but we do not have nor require any registration and Disney is aware of this.) A minimum two-night stay may be required depending on the dates requested.

HOJO ANAHEIM has special rates for our followers year-round! Contact them directly at 714-776-6120 or visit 

Do you have hotel discounts in Paris? 

Not currently but as our events grow we hope to in the future.

Why don't you have your Expo in Florida or Paris?

We are always looking for opportunities to add more elements to our events worldwide but want each DAPPER DAY experience to be unique. We are laying the groundwork to bring a version of our Expo to Walt Disney World, possibly by 2018. We also have plans for other special additions to our Disney events in Florida, Paris, and beyond.

How do you choose your Disney event dates?

Many factors come in to play when deciding our event dates including space/hotel room availability, park annual pass blackout dates, holidays (and the Super bowl/Olympics/Oscars, etc.), peak times, weather, and other overlapping regional events. As much as we would like each event to be during cool weather, we simply can't hold 2 events each winter. There will likely always be one hot/warm event and one cool/warm event for each location every year as we want to keep at least 5 months between events.

As the event has grown and required more space, there are fewer openings in Disney's calendar for the substantial room blocks and exhibit hall spaces we require in California. The original plan was to only have one event per year - in February when it's coldest and the parks are free from any seasonal decor, but guests wanted more so we created a "Fall Event" to complement the "Spring Event."

Until 2016, our Disneyland Resort Spring Events had always been on a Sunday, and Fall Events on a Friday to allow guests who can't make one, to make the other. (Saturdays are annual pass blackout days for most Disneyland Resort passes so that day was not an option.) Starting in 2016, we will switch to all Disneyland Resort Park outings being on a Sunday with our Expo happening that day and the day before (Saturday).

Sorry if your favorite ride is closed during our event. Our dates are required to be chosen nearly two years in advance, well before Disney announces any attraction closures or refurbishments.

Which Disneyland Resort Hotel should I stay at?

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa is the newest and the closest to the two theme parks, with a private entrance to Disney California Adventure Park. Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel is the most affordable of the three Disney hotels and actually has the largest standard rooms of them all, and includes a fold out couch/bed allowing these rooms to sleep five. The classic Disneyland Hotel is home to our DAPPER DAY Expo and the only hotel connected (via a short walk) to the monorail directly into Disneyland's Tomorrowland.

Can I use the DAPPER DAY discounts even if I don't dress up?

Our Disney park and hotel discounts are in place for guests participating in DAPEER DAY events. Disney may contact guests who book discounted rooms that do not include one of the primary dates of our events, and may cancel those reservations. Out of respect for the park and the other guests we would hope everyone would dress it up a notch, but no one will be policing "dapper" wardrobe.

Do I need to register?

No. We are not a standard convention and have no registration. (The Disney Group Sales websites for our discounted rooms and park tickets may mention requiring that you register with us but you can disregard this as we currently have no registration. Disney is aware of this.) For future events we may begin requiring registration to access certain discounts or events.

Are all ages welcome?

Yes. Our events are for all ages unless otherwise noted.

Where do I park for the Expo?

Disneyland Resort Parking and Pricing Info Link.

We will have a free DAPPER DAY Expo Shuttle running between Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and our Expo at the Disneyland Hotel during our Expo hours.

If you are visiting the DAPPER DAY Expo in The Disneyland Hotel, but NOT visiting the theme parks, please use Downtown Disney Parking.

If you are visiting the theme parks and our Expo, it is best to use the Mickey & Friends parking structure which is a short walk from the Disneyland Hotel. The Mickey & Friends tram will drop you off in Downtown Disney, from there you could take our free Expo Shuttle departing from the Grand Californian, or walk to the Disneyland hotel via Downtown Disney. 

How could I get a PRESS PASS for the Disneyland Resort Parks?

Please send us an email at Justin @ and let us know you're interested in joining us. For park admission press passes use the email link at the bottom of this page and fill out the info. No press pass is needed to cover our Dapper Day Expo events in The Disneyland Hotel, or Downtown Disney.


“Dapper Day” is a registered trademark. DAPPER DAY® Events are not associated with The Walt Disney Company.